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Solo Birds | Delhi Art Deco | Impressions | Roads

Solo Birds

I was shooting interesting power transformers and cables in my neighbourhood and soon discovered that solitary birds sitting on wires and in close proximity to danger were far more attractive subjects.

Gradually, I became aware (or convinced myself) that these birds were collaboratively seeking to place themselves in places I could shoot them.Almost as if they were performing a one act play.

I have been looking at birds that are up on wires sitting adjacent to dead objects ,such as pieces of rubber or wood, and looking almost indistinguishable from these objects.

For birds in theatre, please visit my  Solo Birds Gallery

Delhi Art Deco

I love Art Deco architecture though I can’t quite explain why.

Maybe because I liked houses with a distinct Deco touch in my childhood. Maybe because the style is dreamy and aspirational, stylish and decorative all at once.

When I first chanced upon Art Deco in New Delhi’s houses, it wasn’t a revelation. Instead, it all seemed vaguely familiar and I was drawn to the intricate deco motifs that co-existed with traditional Indian ones.

This wasn’t grand at all. This was common man’s Deco. A quiet voice that emerged from India’s march to independence.

New Delhi’s Art Deco is a poor cousin to Mumbai’s grand Deco extravagance. Yet in its muted vision of grandness, it provided succor to the thousands of families that moved to New Delhi from across the border following British India’s partition.

In all likelihood, most of New Delhi’s Deco houses weren’t built by well known architects but were designed by the owners themselves. In the 40s and early 50s, knowledge of Art Deco was no pre-requisite to having a bit of Deco in your house. In certain parts of New Delhi, the fervor for Deco (or whatever it meant to Delhi’s people) cut across class and caste.

But New Delhi’s Art Deco heritage is rapidly disappearing. Rapid growth is forcing home owners to part with their glitz. Deco houses are giving way to steel and glass.

I started taking pictures of Delhi’s Deco seven years ago. Since then, a number of these houses have gone. Through my pictures, I wanted to capture a bit of the glitz that remained along with the people whose forefathers may have built it. Or seen it being built. For New Delhi’s Deco was not only for the rich and privileged.

I have met home owners who are proud of their houses and those that let me into them. I have been met with hostility by others.

I continue to harbor hopes of being able to photograph the original home owners inside their Deco Houses.

The beautiful Deco houses that remain today mirror my aspirations.

Click here for Delhi's Art Deco



Memories from joyous trips to Garhwal.Whether its the warmth of an autumn sun or the damp mist of the monsoons. I wanted to recreate those memories. I can only dream of some of these places as they have changed beyond recognition 



I'm intrigued by the tarmac and turns of side roads in Dehradun.The bends are intimate and engaging, and you always know where you're headed